Science, Education & Enlightenment

  • Interaction with interested state and public research and educational institutions from the Russian Federation and Republic of Macedonia in order to solve the problems of national and cultural development of both countries in the field of science and education.
  • Implementation of scientific and educational programs and events, including lectures, seminars, trainings, conferences, in accordance with the goals of the Foundation.
  • Conducting programs of short-term visits to the Russian Federation by representatives of public, scientific and educational circles of Macedonia, and representatives of the Russian Federation to Republic of Macedonia, respectively.
  • Organization of information and publishing activities aimed at achieving the goals of the Foundation.
  • Assistance in enhancing exchange of students, graduate students, students of educational institutions, as well as teachers and researchers, expanding cooperation in the field of training and retraining of personnel (including creative specialties) to deepen direct links between universities of the Russian Federation and Republic of Macedonia.
  • Assistance in directing efforts to include scientists from both countries in the implementation of innovative projects implemented by the Russian Federation and Macedonia.
  • Assistance in the construction and development of educational institutions, the creation of cultural and educational centers, including the study of the Macedonian language, history and literature, leisure centers, sports institutions and other institutions of similar purpose.
  • Participation in the work to eradicate false historical facts, misinformation and asymmetry in the interpretation of historical events.

Culture and Art

  • Promoting the expansion of bilateral creative contacts of the Russian and Macedonian cultural figures.
  • Assistance in holding the Days of the Russian Culture in Republic of Macedonia and the Days of the Macedonian Culture in the Russian Federation aimed at supporting cultural exchange and the development of cultural and spiritual ties between the two countries.
  • Presentations of contemporary creative and artistic potential, as well as folklore artistic traditions of the Russian and Macedonian peoples.
  • Assistance in holding cultural events aimed at presenting the rich cultural and art heritage of both countries.
  • Assistance to museums, archives of the Russian Federation and Macedonia, as well as artists in holding exhibitions with the aim of presenting the historical and cultural heritage of both countries.

Economics and Technical Support

  • Constructive interaction with interested state and private business structures of the Russian Federation and Republic of Macedonia to solve problems of economic development of both countries.
  • Assistance in development of cultural and educational tourism, recreation and recreation zones of the Russian Federation and Macedonia.
  • Assistance in enhancing cooperation in the field of youth policy and sport.