About Us

Science and education

Implementation of scientific and educational programs, assistance in innovative projects, student exchange

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Culture and art

Assistance to museums, archives, in the conduct of cultural events, the expansion of bilateral creative contacts

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Interaction with business, the development of tourism, youth policy and sports

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The main goal of the Foundation is to promote the development and strengthening of the Russian-Macedonian relations in the spiritual, cultural, educational, scientific, informational, economic and social field.

The Foundation operates as a laboratory for promotion and creation of new cultural ties as a unique platform for connecting and bringing together local communities, as well as creative and enterprising people and associations of the two countries through the implementation of creative projects. The activity of the Foundation combines several important functions: educational, scientific, cultural and economic.

The Foundation organizes cultural events, develops and implements its own projects and also supports unique cultural, scientific, educational and creative initiatives.


The Board of the Founders is the highest governing body of the Foundation. It is formed on the basis of collegiality and includes the founders of the Foundation or their representatives.

The competence of the Board of Founders of the Foundation includes the following:

  • determination of the overall strategy and main priorities of the Foundation
  • formation of the Board of Trustees
  • appointment of the executive director of the Foundation, the Chairman and members of the Expert Council of the Foundation
  • approval of charitable programs of the Foundation, programs of competitive and targeted events
  • approval of the budget of the Foundation.


Inna Zharova

Graduated from the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University. Also graduated from the Moscow Academy of State and Municipal Administration of the Russian Academy of State Administration under the President of the Russian Federation with a degree in State and Municipal Management. HoldsPh.D in Economic Sciences.

Maria Tretyakova

Graduated with honors from the Faculty of International Relations of MGIMO in Moscow. Worked at the International Republican Institute (IRI) in Skopje, Macedonia and as a representative of the Center for Non-Militaristic Strategic Studies in Russia. Fluent in English, Serbian, French, Macedonian, Italian and Russian. Holds Ph.D in History.

Board of Trustees

Created to assist in the implementation of the main goals and objectives of the Foundation. It is the supervising body of the Foundation and supervises the activities of the Foundation. The Board of Trustees includes prominent representatives of science, culture, art and business. To perform the functions assigned to it, the Board of Trustees has the right to:

  • get acquainted with all documents relating to the activities of the Foundation
  • receive explanations from the officials of the Foundation
  • make recommendations on the strategy and priorities of the Fund’s activities, the use of the Foundation’s assets, the formation of charitable programs.

Mikhail Bobrov

Businessman, entrepreneur, General Director of JSC "BalticCoast".Honorary Consul of the Republic of Macedonia in the Russian Federation.

Nikolay Grishko

Businessman, entrepreneur, General Director of Grishko LLC.

Alla Sheshken

The Slavist, literature critic, doctor of philological sciences, professor at the Department of Slavic Philology, Faculty of Philology, Moscow State University.

Father Methodius

Priest, Abbot of the Savior-Transfiguration of Valaam Monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church

Foundation Board

The main function of the Council is to ensure compliance by the Foundation with the goals for which it was created. The competences of the Board of the Foundation include:

  • current general management of the Foundation
  • identification and approval of priority areas of the Foundation’s activities
  • implementation of the creative development of the concept of the Foundation
  • initiating the development of new programs
  • approval of the Foundation’s work plans in organizational and technical areas
  • monitoring and evaluation of the Foundation’s performance on organizational and financial issues.

Executive Directorate

The sole executive body of the Foundation is the President of the Foundation Zharova I.V.:

  • is authorized to resolve issues of the current activities of the Foundation
  • acts on behalf of the Foundation, represents it in all organizations, both in the Russian Federation and abroad
  • represents the Foundation in government bodies, as well as in local governments
  • manages the funds of the Foundation, solves strategic issues of the economic and financial activities of the Foundation
  • concludes contracts and performs other legal actions on behalf of the Foundation, acquires and manages property, opens and closes bank accounts, signs contracts, obligations on behalf of the Foundation
  • is responsible for the annual publication of reports of the Foundation.